"Increasing Fraud Heightens Need for Newer, Better Technologies"

Read a new benchmark report on the state of fraud and fraud technologies at Financial Institutions across the US.

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ACAMS Hollywood 2023

Hawk AI's advanced technology wins the PwC Hackathon

...through our efforts, we identified various fincrime patterns
in the dataset, including Collusion, Grandchild Fraud or Scam,
Sanctions Evasion, Embezzlement, and more.

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Banking Brochure

Efficient and Effective AML and Fraud detection

...upgrade your AML and Fraud detection with Hawk AI’s end-to-end platform built on explainable AI.

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Product Brochures

Customer Screening

Screen customers against Sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media

...during onboarding and thereafter.

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Payment Screening

Remain compliant with regulations by screening customers and counterparties

....against Sanctions and country lists.

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Customer Risk Rating

Rate your clients’ risk levels in a clear and transparent manner

...using internal and external data.

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Transaction Monitoring

Use a comprehensive set of rules, augmented by Behavioral analytics monitor any transaction for red flags.

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Transaction Fraud

Monitor transactions for fraudulent patterns across channels and payment methods

...including chargebacks, card-not-present fraud, scams, and account testing schemes.

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Trends & Deep Dives

Regtech Trends 2023

After a significant year of regulatory headwinds, fines, judgements, and crypto collapses

...even more changes are sure to be on the horizon in the regtech space. With an eye on that horizon, experts from Hawk AI and our partners have assembled important topics and predictions for the future regulatory technology in 2023 and beyond.

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Regtech Trends 2023 Cover
Finding Fincrime When We Don’t Know What to Look For

Artificial intelligence is an essential tool in the fight against financial crime

To trust AI to do what it’s supposed to, you’ll need to transparently understand how it works.

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How Patent-Pending Hawk Technology Improves the Detection of Money Laundering

Financial criminals change their methods quickly, which makes it difficult to detect their suspicious activity

Emerging AI technology provides anti-money laundering teams with the anomaly detection power they need to catch and fight financial crime.

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How We Reduced False Positives by 97,3%

Auto-closing promotes efficiency within compliance departments by filtering out the noise

Most financial institutions know that throwing people at compliance problems is an unsustainable solution.

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Entity Resolution – How We Spot Fincrime in Financial Data Others Miss

Apply Entity Resolution in real-time, combining internal and external data sources, and augmenting it with an additional technology

Hawk AI’s Entity Resolution is exceedingly fast, accurate, scalable, ultimately transparent, and data secure.

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