Hawk Outshines Competition with Transaction Monitoring Technology

The Xcelent award was part of a deep dive by Celent into Financial Crime Compliance technology, where 17 vendors were profiled by Celent analysts across three dimensions: Advanced Technology, Breadth of Functionality, and Customer Base & Support - Hawk led the field and won the "Advanced Technology Award".

Selected Customers

Why Hawk monitoring technology stood out to Celent

 "Hawk provides a modern cloud-native solution that leverages both rules and 
machine learning for transaction monitoring."


Intelligent typology detection for AML and fraud prevetion


Combine rules and AI in one intuitive system and interface


AI explainablity in natural language for full transparency


Secure and compliant federated learning without data pooling

Hawk's Transaction Monitoring: one step ahead

Hawk is an industry leader in financial crime technology, according to Celent and VendorMatch.


Rules and AI coming together for best results.

Hawk employs advanced analytics and orchestration for efficient transaction monitoring. Our two-stage process begins with classic rules generating exceptions, followed by AI techniques analyzing transactions. Machine learning, guided by analyst activities and previous alerts, detects false positives. By analyzing customer behavior and peer groups, AI identifies suspicious patterns, delivering enriched alerts for thorough investigation.


Our customers appreciate our excellence.

Clients praise us for our fully multitenant architecture, seamless data integration, and compatibility with core banking and card processing platforms. They value its comprehensive transaction monitoring, including cards and P2P, and the ease of rule implementation. Clients commend the "super fluid" case management and the system's ability to maintain a "perfect" audit trail. They appreciate the machine learning capabilities for reducing false positives and the system's flexibility, scalability, and continuous development with excellent vendor support.


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The Celent Technology Capabilities Matrix places Hawk in the "Technology Standouts" category, meaning our solution excels in technology capability.

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